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Additional Client Services

The team at First Place Finance has in excess of 40 year's recruitment experience at the senior level of the market. In doing this we have developed extremely strong relationships with our clients. These relationships have been built on trust and delivering results and our contacts believe we can deliver when we say we can.


Over recent years we have been asked by our clients in business to assist them by introducing them to other professional advisors who can help them with plans in their own business. Following on from these requests we have further developed our networks and are now in a position to introduce and assist individual's /businesses in looking at a range of business services.


As a business we can introduce you to a range of individuals for:-

  • Banking
  • Legal / Accountancy advice
  • Invoice discounting providers
  • PE / VC providers
  • Payroll / HR specialist providers
  • MBOs
  • Re-Finance and Finance restructuring

Career Planning

Along with the services highlighted above which are more geared towards clients, our external advisors can also offer a more candidate focussed  'real world' career planning service too. This is a service that is relevant to the current market and a service that is provided by consultants working in your sector of the recruitment market. Planning is important throughout your career. Having a plan, a goal and objectives in place and using that plan to deliver your goals is how you ensure your career gets to where it is supposed to and matches your ambition.


If you are now starting to look at a change in your career and need assistance we believe we are in an excellent position to assist you. The range of services we can offer are all encompassing and include:-


  • Job Plan
  • Market Place analysis
  • Objective planning
  • Time scale planning
  • CV structure
  • Interview planning
  • Interview approach
  • Offer negotiation / process
  • New Job - the plan the future

In the first instance please contact Lauren Hilton. T: 0845 533 2705  E: lauren.hilton@vrslife.com

Added Value